Davis Home and Ranch, LLC.
Bedias, Texas

Looking for a hardware or feed store in Bedias? We have 1,600 square feet dedicated to hardware, plumbing and electrical supplies, agricultural products, garden supplies, household goods, gloves, tack, gifts, and much more. There is also 1,200 square feet to store feed and hay for stock animals, poultry, pets and wildlife, as well as grass seed and fertilizer.  We make hydraulic hoses. The warehouse in back contains a full-service tire shop and we do vehicle inspections. Other merchandise includes metal culverts, lumber, fencing and posts, stock panels, gates, and PVC pipe. Gasoline and diesel dispensed from above-ground tanks is sold.

You’ll appreciate the convenient location and the product availability.  You can shop here rather than drive the 15 or more minutes to other hardware, lumber or feed stores.  We have materials for that DIY project you’re working on.  Contractors working locally can find items they need for their jobs.

We are located right on the corner of Highway 90 at 1696 West.  Phone or fax us at 936-395-6903 if you have any questions.  Or email us at davishomeranch@yahoo.com.


Davis Home and Ranch LCC